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She views exercise as a pleasant activitiyJillian Michaels Body Revolution Editorial Review

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Review Date: February 26, 2013

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Summary: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is a comprehensive, 90 day fitness program aimed at helping you lose weight quickly. It includes a workout plan and a nutrition guide.

So here’s where the story starts…

Four months ago I was probably in the worst shape of my life. Although I had been quite fit in college, once I graduated I started work in an office setting and simply didn’t get enough exercise. I was sitting on my butt all day, eating fast food, and had a “secret stash” of cheetos in my drawer. I was overweight, depressed, and eagerly looking to make a change.

Taking pity on my situation, a friend of mine recommended Jillian Michaels Body Revolution to me. I had heard of Jillian Michaels from the famous TV show The Biggest Loser, but was not aware she had released a fitness program. As with many of these overhyped products I was skeptical at first. I figured it would just be a cheaply thrown together program designed to make money off of her big name on TV. But I read a couple of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution reviews online and decided to pick up this weight-loss program myself.

Now after 3 months of using the program, I figured it was about time to write a review of Jillian Michaels’ weight loss program. In this review, I will discuss exactly what this program is, how it works, and provide my very own review of it. At the end of my review, I also provide some helpful tips on where to buy it so you can get a small discount when you buy it online.

What Is Jillian Michaels Body Revolution?

The host (and creator) of the program is Jillian Michaels, the host of the popular TV show The Biggest Loser. Prior to her fame, she was a personal trainer and life coach, and has supposedly helped “thousands” of people lose weight.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is basically a comprehensive weight-loss program geared towards individuals that want to achieve their fitness goals quickly. The company advertises it as a complete “diet” and “fitness” program, and promises to revolutionize how you achieve weight-loss.

It comes with 15 fitness DVDs, and a 78 page nutrition guide. The company stresses that you must follow both the nutrition guide and the fitness regiment closely in order to achieve the best results from the program.

How Body Revolution Works

Body Revolution is basically broken down into three phases spread out over the course of three months. Each phase consists of five workout DVDs, with each workout lasting about 30 minutes. The last phase is by far the most difficult, and is the one designed to really polish the muscles so you looked as toned as possible by the end of the series.

Like other popular programs like Power 90 and P90X, the program incorporates muscle confusion. This ensures that each month is different than the last and that your results don’t plateau. But unlike other programs, Body Revolution is supposed to incorporate the concept of “continuous burn” in all the workouts. According to Jillian Michaels, this ensures that your metabolism stays up 12 – 14 hours after a workout, thus allowing you to burn through calories you consume later in the day.

The Nutrition Guide is another (but equally important) aspect of the program. It gives you a primer on proper nutrition and shows you how to eat properly over the course of your three months to yield greater fat loss. It also includes recipes and charts so you can keep track of everything and ensure you’re eating properly.

Clearly on paper Jillian Michaels Body Revolution looks like a great program. But can it actually accelerate your weight loss as much as it claims?

My Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review

Push ups are a good way to get the blood pumpingWhen I started this program, I wasn’t totally prepared for its intensity. I think years of sitting on my butt and eating lots of junk food really did a toll to my body, because I was really sore after the first week. But I’m glad I did the program when I did, because the longer you cling to poor eating and fitness habits, the harder it is to make a change later on…

But anyways, let me give you some of my personal thoughts on the program.

First of all, each phase is very well designed. Each day you cycle to different parts of your body, with the last day being reserved for one intense cardio session. For instance the first day workout blasts the front of your body, with short bursts of cardio thrown in throughout. Although you only do each workout for about 30 minutes, it is probably the most intense 30 minute workout you’ve ever done in your life. There are basically no breaks, but instead transitions to different parts of your body. These transitions ensure you don’t overwork yourself, but also that you burn tons of calories by the end of the workout.

Although I obviously can’t prove scientifically whether the “continuous burn” concept is actually true, I’m pretty sure I felt like I was burning calories long after the workout. My appetite actually increased substantially in that first month. But because I was filling my body with lots of healthy nutrients (as specified in the nutrition guide), I was able to curb those feelings of hunger created by other diet programs.

So by the end of the first week I was very sore, but super pumped for the rest of the program. I felt better during the day because I was getting exercise and eating properly, and was able to sleep well at night due to all the exercise!.

After Completing Body Revolution: My Results

After completing the whole program, it was time to see how far I had come. I’m happy to say that I lost 25 pounds and was just slightly starting to develop more defined ab muscles. I didn’t quite have the uber-fit physique I had back in college, but I came pretty darn close in three months!

I followed the nutrition guide closely, with the occasional cheat meal thrown in a handful of times (contrary to popular belief, these meals can actually help you stay on track). And I only missed one or two workouts throughout the whole 3 months. I am very pleased with my results, and am looking forward to doing yet another cycle of this program in a couple of weeks

With summer coming just around the corner, I’m now  more confident in how I look. I’m no super model, but at least I’ll feel good wearing a bikini down at the beach. Although Body Revolution took a lot of hard work and dedication, I’m happy I completed the program and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to get in shape.

My only regret is that I didn’t take full body before photos. This is really something I should have done just to see how far I came. Don’t make this mistake: take before and after photos so you can really appreciate the gains you make with this program!

Other Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews

I had a look around at some other Jillian Michaels Body Revolution reviews, and found that most people really liked this program. The Amazon reviews section was filled with people who got amazing results with this program, and very few had anything negative to say. I’ve included a few excerpts below to give you an idea about what others thought of this program:

 I lost 23 pounds, 32 inches, and 2 pant sizes on the program. I did not follow the meal plan, but restricted my calorie intake to 1200-1600 calories per day. I would HIGHLY recommend this program. - Mira, Amazon.com

I’m 53 and just finished Body Revolution Today. What can I say, it’s kind of bitter sweet, being done, but really liking the last 90 days. I feel stronger than ever. Don’t let these workouts intimidate you. I’ve had surgery on my bladder and can’t jump around on workouts, so I modified the workouts and for a person who doesn’t sweat normally on a workout, I was! - Rachael, Amazon.com

I love Jillian and I loved this workout. 30 minutes per day is PERFECT. Unlike soooo many other plans I’ve tried (TurboFire, Insanity, P90X) which operate on the theory that since you are getting stronger over the course of the plan you can work out longer… Not this one. This one I looked forward to every morning. Because I knew it was only a 1/2 hour. - M. Snyder, Amazon.com

Is This Program Right For You?

Happy with how her work out wentNow although I loved the program and got awesome results, Body Revolution is not necessarily for everyone. Don’t buy it just because it has Jillian Michaels’ name on it! Know what you’re getting yourself into first, and (if possible) talk to someone else who’s completed the program to see what they thought about it.

Now since many of you won’t be able to talk to someone whose tried the program, I will offer some advice to help you make an informed decision below.

First, only embark on this program if you’re willing to commit to both healthy eating and regular exercise. If you’re not willing to make this commitment for three months, then don’t bother buying the program. You’ll be wasting both your time and money.

Second, make sure you’re the type of person that likes working out at home. Some people are more successful going to the gym whereas others are more successful working out at home. Working out at home means you might have more distractions (phone, TV, computer, etc.) but it also means more privacy and less time spent travelling to the gym.

Finally, make sure that your goals are fat loss. If you’re already quite slim, then you might want to try some other program based around weight-training or toning muscles. You’ll still get something out of this program, but it really is more geared towards people looking to lose weight.

Can You Afford This Program?

I’ve been asked this question a couple of times now, and thought I’d give some thoughts on whether this program provides a good balance between price and results.

First, there’s the initial cost of $119 (or you can pay in four installments). Now for some, this might seem like a high number. But in reality it is an insanely low number if you’re looking for results.

A gym membership can be anywhere from $40 – 100 per month. But this still doesn’t get you a personal trainer like Jillian Michaels to show you what to do. A decent personal trainer would cost you another $50 per hour. And even then, you won’t have a detailed nutritional guide to help you maximize your diet. Really, for $119, you gain access to a gym (your house), a personal trainer (Jillian), and a nutrition program. AND, you own this program forever.

So in my mind, this is a great investment if you’re serious about getting in shape both now and in the future.

body revolutionWhere To Buy This Program… IMPORTANT INFO

So I get it – you really like the sound of this program but aren’t sure whether you can commit to it for three months. I hear ya – it can be challenging to start a new program.

That was ME just a few months ago.

My recommendation to you is to buy this program right now through the official seller. You’ll save tons of money in the long-run and actually have NO MORE EXCUSES for not getting in shape. It will literally be right in front of you, with every 30 minute workout mapped out so you don’t even have to think. 90 days from now you will be thanking yourself you took the plunge and actually committed to the program.

And you know what? If you find its not for you, you can return it for a no questions asked refund. That way it’s absolutely risk free to try the program first.

If you buy it through the special link I provided below, you’ll also get a bunch of extras such as a resistance band (really helpful for workouts), a 90 day journal, and 30 day exclusive access to Jillian’s web club. The seller will not have this deal on for much longer. And besides… you’re running out of time if you want to get in shape for the summer!

All it takes is a couple of weeks with Jillian and you will already start to see results from this program.

If you’re ready for your body transformation, get the entire program through the link below. Three months from now you will be loving your results and eager to show off your body with friends and family. But make sure you work hard and stay motivated… I believe in you! :)

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healthy eatingNutrition is an important aspect of getting the most out of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. In fact, if you’re looking to lose weight, eating right is probably the single most important thing you can do – even more important than doing the exercises themselves!

One thing is for sure: if you’re not willing to commit to following the nutrition guide with the program, there is no point in you doing the program at all. It’s that important. [click to continue…]


Young woman exercising with weightsSummary: Jillian Michaels 90 Day Body Revolution is supposed to be one of the most effective weight-loss programs on the market. It is a three month program that includes 15 fitness DVDs and a 78 page nutrition guide. It will show you how to lose weight fast through intense fitness and proper nutrition.

But does Body Revolution actually live up to its claims? The review below provides a comprehensive assessment of this program’s effectiveness in losing weight fast. [click to continue…]